Looking for a healthy holiday treat?

We have thought about all this ... ..We will take care of your physical and mental wellbeing.

The Hotel Virginia works in collaboration with "Eira Terme" in Diano Castello.
The first BIO Thermae of the Liguria

The source " Battaglino" is recognized as Thermal from the Ministry of Health and it has miraculous healing powers.
The water of this source for years has shaped the clay, turning it in the only Bio-Therapeutic Clay with medical and cosmetic properties.

Contact us and we will be happy to introduce you to this wonderful world of well-being.


Virginia Hotel is located just 50 meters from the beach of Diano Marina and its bathing establishments.

Diano Marina has a beautiful coastline with sandy beaches, palms, agaves, maritime pines, olive and citrus trees in a wide cove set between the Berta cape and the Cervo cape.

The sea is lovely with fine-sand beaches and the shallow ocean floors are safe for children.

Heading towards the French border we arrive at the Berta cape area, characterized by beautiful sheer cliffs all the way to Imperia.

The seafront is the ideal spot for a relaxing walk. In the evenings along the promenade you will find open-air markets, concerts, events and carousels for the little ones and much more.


The hotel makes available to guests bicycles free of charge with child seat for older children and little ones.

We offer our cycling guests free laundry service within the hotel, a safe-keeping service for bicycles and personalized diets to satisfy your every need.

Guests who require professional gear may visit "BC TIME", a bicycle rental with all types of bikes, from city bikes to mountain bikes and racing bikes.

Favorable rates for daily, weekly and monthly rentals